Criminal and Tax Lawyer David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 3150, Miami, FL. Phone: 305-371-8101. .
Criminal Lawyer David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 3150, Miami, FL. Phone: 305-371-8101. .
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Criminal Tax Attorney David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3150 Miami, Fl. Phone: 305-371-8101 http://davidmgarvin.com
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U.S. v. John Miller. (12-CR-60025-KMW)
Not Guilty on all Counts.
John Miller and Mr. Garvin Celebrating their victory
           From 1999 through 2007 Frank DeSantis, Jeffrey Jedlicki, and Michael Geraud owned and operated numerous boiler rooms throughout South Florida that fraudulently sold commodities and foreign currency options to the public.  As a result of their fraudulent acts, approximately 1000 investors lost over 47 million dollars.

           As part of a plea agreement to receive a lower sentence, Desantis, Jedlicki, and Geraud pled guilty to conspiracy and testified that John Miller,  a CPA in South Florida, assisted the conspiracy by forming over 20 corporations and preparing bogus accounting records and tax returns to conceal their illegal scheme.

           Miller pled not guilty to charges of conspiracy, obstruction and filing fraudulent tax returns.  Mr. Miller was represented at trial by criminal tax attorney, David M. Garvin.  Following a two week trial, Mr. Miller was found NOT GUILTY on all counts
            In July 2007 we found out that a current client and a past client were involved in some scheme to bilk investors and the U.S. Government out of millions of dollars in hard earned money and income taxes.

        Little did we know that the government would try to bring us in and make us part of the scheme. They asked us for our help which we were more than willing to provide. However, that help proved to be a big mistake.

        In February 2008 the government asked for my help once again. I walked into a meeting totally unprepared for the barrage of questions, and was made to feel I was the wrongdoer.

        I had nothing to do with the fraud that was created. It took four government agencies three years and countless agents to unravel the scheme. I was not aware of it and kept in the dark. All I did was prepare their income tax returns and set up corporations for them which is the same thing any other hardworking C.P.A. would have done.

        In March of 2008 we contacted David M. Garvin of David M. Garvin, P. A. to assist us with our problem. During the next four years Mr. Garvin stood by us the whole time as our case worked its way through the legal system. I got indicted in February of 2012. I must tell you that Mr. Garvin is the most amazing attorney I have seen. He knew exactly what to do in order to prove my innocence and get me my life back.

        David knew I was telling the truth and helped me to explain my story in front of a jury and get my name cleared.

The bottom line is this: If someone from the U.S. Government contacts you to "help" them with their case, don't. Get an attorney. If you want the best, call David M. Garvin.

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    Unfortunately, these cases cause great concern not only for the client but also for the welfare of their family. The stress often causes clients to have sleepless nights and an inability to carry on normal family activities. The stress often is caused by the anxiety of not knowing what will follow your indictment and the realization that your life achievements are at risk.
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  When seeking legal counsel it is important for you to look for two main attributes:

     Experience in the courtroom and client service.

We encourage you to select an experienced  attorney who has successfully represented his clients throughout the years.
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